Safepal S1 Pro

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An updated version of the Safepal S1 wallet from the Safepal team. Safepal S1 Pro isolated from external connections and 100% autonomous, it will securely store your digital assets.

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Keep your cryptocurrency safe with the superior protection of Safepal S1 Pro
  • EAL 5+ security chip
  • Random number generation
  • Multiple levels of security sensors
  • Self-destruct mechanism with protection against unauthorized access


Safepal S1 Pro

High quality aluminum alloy body
  • Better protection of internal components
  • Resistant to impacts, corrosion and scratches
  • Textured outer surface for increased comfort and ease of use
Clear tempered glass panel
  • Durable tempered glass for better screen protection
  • Scratch and yellowing resistant screen

Safepal S1 Pro

Safepal S1 Pro

Easy to use

The camera is moved to the middle of the device for more intuitive scanning

Increased battery life

Built-in 500mAh battery ensures longer service life without the need for frequent charging

Safepal S1 Pro

1. Download the SafePal app.

If you haven’t downloaded the SafePal app yet, do so first. Scan the QR code to download.

The PIN will be used as your signature when you need to complete a transaction. Avoid using weak PIN codes such as “123456” or “666666”. Try setting a complex and strong PIN instead.

2. Create / restore wallet

Launch SafePal S1 Pro and follow the onscreen instructions to create or restore your wallet.

3. Link SafePal S1 Pro to the app

Click “Add Wallet” in the app and connect to SafePal S1 Pro by scanning QR codes.

Always keep your mnemonic phrase in a safe place.

The mnemonic phrase is the only proof of ownership of your crypto assets. Once lost, no one, including the SafePal team, can help recover your assets. Store the phrase in a self-contained and safe place, such as a safe.

4. Reset wallet

Reset the wallet when you stop using this device.

In case you no longer want to use your device, do not forget to erase all data by resetting your wallet settings (Settings -> Reset wallet). After the reset, you will only be able to restore the wallet with the correct mnemonic phrase. Remember to back up your mnemonic phrase before resetting.


Assets can be stored on an exchange, online services, or in an application on a computer. All these methods are extremely risky, since accounts on exchanges are often hacked, and funds are stolen. At the moment, there is one most secure way to store assets – a hardware device that cannot be hacked. With a hardware device, you don’t have to worry about asset security.

Yes, we are an official reseller of the Safepal company on the territory of Ukraine. You can check it on the manufacturer’s website is an online store that specializes in the sale of cryptocurrency storage devices.
Our store has the widest range of devices in the country. We deliver to any city of Ukraine. We not only sell devices, but we also help customize them and give advice. We provide a 1-2 year warranty for all products.

We give a manufacturer’s warranty and change any faulty device within a year.

We will help you set up your device in our office or remotely. If you have any questions about your devices, we’ll always advise you over the phone or even over Skype.

We deliver to any city of Ukraine. When you check out the order, you will be able to choose the nearest point of issue to you.

Yes, you can pay the courier or at the point of issue when you receive it. You can also pay immediately by transferring to your bank account.

Yes, we only sell original products purchased directly from the manufacturer.

You can buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, but in this case, you will have to wait until the goods will be delivered to Ukraine. It can take from one week to a month. We usually ship the goods on the day of order. Also, if the device breaks down, you will have to return the device to the manufacturer yourself, which may take additional time. Go to the manufacturer’s website



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