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Keystone Pro – hardware Air-Gapped wallet with fingerprint biometrics. Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and over 1000 different cryptocurrencies.

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Keystone Pro is a state-of-the-art biometric hardware crypto wallet that uses QR technology to transfer data, called Air-Gapped. The device does not have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, USB is also not used, the device is charged through a proprietary connector. This solution provides maximum security. And allows the user to use the device in absolutely any place.

This device also has a biometric fingerprint scanner that will provide one of the best security on the market. The safety and security of funds are ensured by the modern EAL 5+ microcontroller, which was designed specifically for storing private data, your mnemonic phrase will never leave this chip. If you try to open the device, the data chip will be destroyed.

Also, this device has a large touch screen, which at the right time will display all the necessary data about the upcoming transaction.

On our website, you can also purchase a more budget-friendly version of this Keystone Essential hardware wallet. The main difference between this wallet and the older model is the lack of a fingerprint sensor and a rechargeable battery.

The device supports all major coins
Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tron and TRX20 tokens, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens
A complete list is available on the manufacturer’s website.

View the list of currencies.

  • Keystone Pro
  • Accumulator battery
  • AAA battery adapter
  • Type-C cable
  • Seed card + Warranty card
  • Quick Guide


Assets can be stored on an exchange, online services, or in an application on a computer. All these methods are extremely risky, since accounts on exchanges are often hacked, and funds are stolen. At the moment, there is one most secure way to store assets – a hardware device that cannot be hacked. With a hardware device, you don’t have to worry about asset security. is an online store that specializes in the sale of cryptocurrency storage devices.
Our store has the widest range of devices in the country. We deliver to any city of Ukraine. We not only sell devices, but we also help customize them and give advice. We provide a 1-2 year warranty for all products.

We give a manufacturer’s warranty and will replace any defective device within a year.

We will help you set up your device in our office or remotely. If you have any questions about your devices, we’ll always advise you over the phone or even over Skype.

We deliver to any city of Ukraine. When you check out the order, you will be able to choose the nearest point of issue to you.

Yes, you can pay the courier or at the point of issue when you receive it. You can also pay immediately by transferring to your bank account.

Yes, we only sell original products purchased directly from the manufacturer.

You can buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, but in this case, you will have to wait until the goods will be delivered to Ukraine. It can take from one week to a month. We usually ship the goods on the day of order. Also, if the device breaks down, you will have to return the device to the manufacturer yourself, which may take additional time. Go to the manufacturer’s website





Keystone Pro



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  1. Russian


    Заказал в этом магазине кошелек Keystone Pro. Посылка пришла через 2 дня после предоплаты.
    Кошелек изготовлен из высококачественных материалов (по ощущениям как дорогой смартфон).
    В отличии от Ledger nano X и Trezor T, которые у меня также есть, этот кошелек имеет больше продвинутых функций, например понравилась возможность с генерировать SEED фразу с помощью игральных кубиков или самостоятельно выбрать слова из списка BIP39 (подойдет для тех, кто не доверяет встроенным в кошельки генераторам случайных чисел). Достаточно быстро и легко обновил прошивку кошелька через SD карту до версии 5.4. Сделал несколько пробных транзакций, все прошло быстро и без проблем.
    Из небольших недостатков для меня является отсутствие монеты ZEC, надеюсь когда нибудь ее добавят со следующими обновлениями.
    В остальном впечатления самые лучшие и на мой взгляд данный кошелек недооценен по сравнению с конкурентами.

    • Russian

      Дмитрий Истратов

      Благодарим за такой развернутый отзыв
      Для нас он очень ценен
      Приятного пользования и до новых встреч

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