Keystone 3 Pro

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Keystone 3 Pro is a new and functional open source device, has 3 SE security chips and a fingerprint sensor on board.

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Solving Fundamental Security Problems

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Fully Open Source
Every aspect of the hardware and firmware design
is completely open source.

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PCI Anti-tamper Solution
First in the industry to pioneer
a PCI (Payment Card Industry Security) – grade anti-tampering system.
The SE chips are encapsulated in a complex ‘security house’.
Any physical interference leads
to an instant data wipe.

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3 Secure Element Security Chips
Hailing from leading global security chip manufacturers
Microchip & Maxim
these chips meet PCI security standards,
guaranteeing secure and segregated
digital asset storage

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Multiple Seed Phrase Support
Manage up to 3 unique
seed phrases from a single device
Effortlessly switch between
wallets by inputting
corresponding passwords.

Designed to improve user experience

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QR & USB Transmission
Primarily designed for offline security using QR codes,
emphasizing an air-gapped setup.
Also includes a USB port to accommodate different user preferences.

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Boosted Battery Lifespan
By incorporating a cutting-edge compact embedded system,
the new built-in battery now lasts 10 times longer.

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keystone 3 pic4 mob

Novice Friendly
Features a 4-inch touchscreen
offering a
mobile-like experience.
Intuitive interface,
no prerequisites knowledge needed.

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Biometrics Verification
Swiftly unlock and execute transactions, without worrying about prying eyes in public places.
Anti Blind Signing


Decodes the details of a smart contract transaction and re-organizes it into a humanly readable format.



Supports various software wallets and derivation paths, giving an added layer of protection to users and a safety net against single point of failures.

Offline Firmware Updates


Besides facilitating firmware updates through the USB port, such updates can also be executed using a MicroSD card.

Web Authentication


Ensures the integrity of device and safeguards users against supply chain attacks.

Shamir Backup


Provides a decentralized method for mnemonic phrase recovery, eliminating the need to depend on centralized institutions or companies for security.



Keystone team co-authored BIP-129, which is widely used as the standard process for setting up Bitcoin multi-sig wallets securely across different protocols.


1x Keystone 3 Pro


1x User Manual


6x Seed Sheet


1x USB Cable


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