Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

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Keep your sensitive data secure with a new ergonomic device. This device is designed to withstand almost any extreme environment, so you can rest assured that your personal information is safe.

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Cryptosteel Capsule Solo is a high quality backup tool that allows you to securely store your backup offline. This rugged metal device is specially designed to protect your mnemonic phrase or private key. With Cryptosteel Capsule Solo, you can be sure that your cryptocurrency and other important data is safe.

Usage example

Pay attention to the photo. The first example shows a random ASCII password, 55 characters long. The capsule allows you to save two or more passwords with a total length of up to 123 characters.

The second example shows an unabbreviated mnemonic seed phrase consisting of 12 words. The remaining space on top can store additional data such as passwords, phrases, or random ASCII strings.

The third example demonstrates a 25 word seed phrase. Cryptosteel Capsule Solo is capable of storing abbreviated seed phrases of 20 or 24 words.

Creeptosteel Capsule Duo

1 capsule Cryptosteel
Set of 800+ tiles

Backup type compatibility

Cryptosteel Capsule supports the following backup types:

  • BIP39 (unabbreviated 12-word recovery phrases or 4-letter abbreviations of 24-word recovery phrases)
  • Shamir Backup SLIP39 (4-letter abbreviations of 20-word recovery phrases)
  • BIP32 root keys
  • WIF private keys
  • Monero seed phrases (4 letter abbreviations of 25 word recovery phrases)

Creeptosteel Capsule Duo


1) Select the type of data you want to store in the capsule.
2) Use the included set of symbol plates to create the appropriate mnemonic words, secret keys or passwords. Note that the capsule supports ASCII characters, numbers, and special characters, and can store up to 123 characters.
3) Position the plates inside the capsule, using the adjustable baffles to hold the plates in place.
4) Close the capsule and make sure it is tightly closed.
5) Store the capsule in a safe place such as a safe or other secure place.

Your cryptocurrency wallet uses the standard BIP39 mnemonic phrase format. The BIP39 word list contains reserve words of three to eight letters. The first four letters of each word are unique and sufficient to reconstruct the entire word. Simply put, you only need the first four letters of each word. Most wallets only ask for the first four letters and the rest of the letters are filled in automatically.

Cryptosteel allows you to store your original BIP39/SLIP39 phrase. Most wallets use the BIP39 protocol.
Examples: Ledger, Trezor, Coldcard, Trust Wallet, Exodus, Electrum, MetaMask and many more…

BIP39 is an open source industry standard used by cryptocurrency wallets. This is an alphabetical list of 2048 words. The first word “Abandon” is the number “0001”. The last word of “Zoo” is the number “2048”. You can check out the list here.

Yes, we are the official reseller of Cryptosteel in Ukraine. You can check it on the manufacturer’s website

One of the main disadvantages of paper is its low durability. Ink may burn out, paper may burn or dissolve in water if flooded. Thanks to the high quality materials of Cryptosteel Capsule, you can be sure that your keys or mnemonic phrase are completely safe.

If your Cryptosteel Capsule is lost or stolen, IMMEDIATELY move all of your currency to a new address that uses a completely different mnemonic phrase or private key. We recommend that you also use a passphrase (sometimes called the “25th word”) so that if someone discovers your capsule, there is still some protection.

Unfortunately this is not possible. Cryptosteel Capsule is designed to complement your hardware device. This tablet will allow you to securely store your mnemonic phrase and protect it from external physical influences.


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