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Meet the new premium quality mnemonic tablet made from TC4 titanium alloy with a melting point of 1668 degrees Celsius.

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Incredibly tiny.

Weight 14 grams, size is 1/4 the size of a credit card.

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Aerospace grade titanium alloy that can withstand temperatures up to 1668°C*.

KeyTag is made from aerospace-grade TC4 titanium alloy with a melting point of 1668 degrees Celsius, seven times higher than tin and 2.5 times higher than aluminum, making it resistant to most high-temperature situations.

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How to use?

2 KeyTag
1 automatic center punch
1 manual



Once you have a 12-24 word recovery phrase (also known as a mnemonic phrase), you need to carefully knock out a combination of numbers that will match each word of your mnemonic phrase. After you complete the procedure, be sure to check if you made any mistakes when filling out the tablet.

If your OneKey KeyTag has been lost or stolen, IMMEDIATELY move all of your currency to a wallet that uses a completely different mnemonic phrase or private key. We recommend also using a passphrase (sometimes called the “25th word”) so that if someone discovers your KeyTag there is still some protection.

OneKey KeyTag supports 12, 18 and 24 mnemonic phrases + passphrase

One of the main disadvantages of paper is its low durability. Ink may burn out, paper may burn or dissolve in water if flooded. OneKey KeyTag solves this problem, the device is waterproof, resistant to acid and alkali, chemical corrosion and extreme high and low temperatures

Unfortunately no. OneKey KeyTag is intended solely to store a mnemonic phrase.


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Heat resistance

1667 °С




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