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An easy-to-use bitcoin wallet created in Switzerland allows you to store your assets on a banknote. Made from high density polyethylene.

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A convenient way to store bitcoin.

– great for a gift (replenished $ 200 and gave it to a friend).
– payment as in cash (transfer of a crypto asset from hand to hand).
– travel without extra attention, icynote banknotes can be stored together with paper money.

Manufacturers of Icynote use special printing inks, and also apply holographic images to banknotes according to Swiss standards. Wallet addresses are generated by a hardware random number generator. After the print, the employees of SMD Security Printing Sàrl destroy the hard drives on which the information was stored.

The balance of the wallet can be checked using the public key of the wallet through any online bitcoin explorer. To do this, you need to scan the wallet QR code or enter the public key manually.


The public key is located on the right side of the banknote, there is also a QR code for ease of entry.

The private key of the wallet is placed under the hologram (when you open the hologram, the edges come off unevenly, this allows you to determine whether this banknote has been opened before)

For this type of cold wallet, there is no way to recover funds. If the banknote is lost, the funds will be lost forever.

After depositing the cryptocurrency, the wallet becomes a physical carrier of funds. Please treat it with the same care you would with cash or gold.
DO NOT use this wallet if the holographic sticker does not match the original state (a third party may have accessed the code elements).
DO NOT show your private wallet key to third parties.
DO NOT damage your wallet – protect it from high temperatures (fire) and harsh chemicals. The wallet is NOT fireproof!

Private keys are created using a quantum machine developed in Geneva/Switzerland. The system is fully compliant with the NIST SP800-22 Test Suite for random numbers. Thus, the manufacturer guarantees that each wallet is unique. Private keys are generated offline, the hardware used for printing does not have access to the Internet, and the employees of the Swiss printing house are under strict supervision and control. The company is one of the most reliable printing companies in Switzerland.

For each print run, SMD Security Printing Sàrl follows a strict security protocol, and hard drives are destroyed at the end of each process.

Mycelium, Wealth check, etc. any application that scans a QR code and displays the balance of your bitcoin wallet.

The manufacturer guarantees that the printing factory that prints these banknotes meets the advanced standards of information preservation. The company exercises strict control over employees and the hardware on which private keys are generated after the print run is destroyed on special equipment.

We recommend that you do not store large amounts on these wallets. The device, due to its physical characteristics, is unfortunately subject to external influences such as fire, flooding, etc. For long-term storage, we recommend that you use hardware wallets with a mnemonic tablet.


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