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This is a unique lamp designed for everyone who is interested in cryptocurrency. The lamp is designed in the form of a 3D Bitcoin symbol, which will look great in your home, office or any other place. Create a cozy crypto atmosphere with Hodl Light Bitcoin.

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The Hodl Light Bitcoin Lamp is an elegant and modern decoration that will add a colorful accent to your home or office.

This is perfect for the orange-pilled Hodler who wants to transform their home, room, or office into a Hodlers universe

The Hodl Light is easy to customize. You can choose from over a million colors, set different scenes, or make the Hodl Light interact with music and ambient sounds.

Are you choosing a gift? Want to treat yourself or your Hodler friend? Hodl Light Bitcoin is a great solution!

1. Install your Hodl Light in a location convenient for you.
2. Connect the Hodl Light to power.
3. Install the Tuya Smart application.
4. Select the color you want and create your own scenes in the app.
5. Enjoy your new interior.

1x Hodl Light Bitcoin
1x Power Supply
1x Assorted power plugs
1x Controller
1x Housing
1x Stand
4x Mounting dowels
4x Mounts
4x Screws
2x Metal cables
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Safety Manual & Warranty


With Hodl Light you can:

  • Light up your room.
  • Choose from over a million lamp colors.
  • Schedule Hold Light to turn on and off.
  • Create light scenes that include color gradients that can be repeated.
  • Switch to equalizer mode so that Hodl Light reacts well to the sounding music.
  • Adjust brightness.
  • Connect Hodl Light to your smart home device.

Yes, the following smart home platforms are supported:

  • Amazon Alexa / Echo
  • Google Home
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Homey

Note: Hodl Light is not currently compatible with the Apple HomeKit platform.

To use you will need:

Smartphone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Stable Wi-Fi connection (2.4 GHz)

Use the Tuya Smart app to control Hold Light. It is a proven smart device platform that supports Hodl Light control.

The application allows you to customize the lamp to your liking. You can choose from millions of colors and create custom light scenes.

The Tuya platform is used by many smart devices. For more information about Tuya, visit their website.

No, you need to be connected to the Tuya Smart app to control Hodl Light.

With Hodl Light, Cryptotag supplies power plugs that can be used almost anywhere in the world. Therefore, Hodl Light works great in the US, Canada, all of Europe (including the UK, Switzerland and Ukraine), Australia, most of Asia and most of South America.

Note: Cryptotag does not supply Type D and Type M plugs. These plugs are used in parts of India and South Africa and other parts of Africa.

If you would like to check if your region uses type D or M plugs, please click here.

Included with the lamp you will find all the necessary materials so that you can:

  • place Hold Light on the stand;
  • hang Hold Light on the wall;
  • hang Hold Light with metal cables.


Please note: pegs are included for installation on solid concrete walls. If you want to install Hold Light on a drywall wall, you will need special drywall pegs.

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