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Ellipal Joy is the world’s first offline, open-source mnemonic phrase generator. The device generates a seed phrase offline – in a completely isolated environment, without an internet connection.

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Ellipal Joy – offline seed phrase generator

The mnemonic phrase allows you to recover your assets to any BIP39 compatible wallet. Due to this, it is your responsibility to ensure that the phrase you plan to use is random, unique, and unknown to anyone, not even the manufacturer. ELLIPAL Joy was created to solve the issue of autonomous seed phrase generation.


True Random

Embed a true random number generator in the ST chipset that delivers 32-bit random numbers generated by an integrated analog circuit.



No contact with the network. Offline generation to prevent network attacks and absolute security.


BIP39 Standard

Compatible with all BIP39 hot wallet and hardware wallet.


Benefit from open-source

Ellipal has made the source code publicly available so anyone can check it out (Github).


Assets can be stored on an exchange, online services, or in an application on a computer. All these methods are extremely risky, since accounts on exchanges are often hacked, and funds are stolen. At the moment, there is one most secure way to store assets – a hardware device that cannot be hacked. With a hardware device, you don’t have to worry about asset security.

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