Blockchain and Decentralized Systems

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This book reveals a number of issues from the field of decentralized technologies, from the history of its appearance to the complexities of application. The authors explain complex concepts with easy-to-understand real-life examples.

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Blockchain and Decentralized Systems is a book that will help you understand how everything works, answer the question “What is blockchain technology?” and will show where your assets are actually stored, perhaps saving you from losing funds due to ignorance of how everything works.

Each of the books in the Blockchain and Decentralized Systems series details the technologies that every crypto enthusiast comes across after purchasing their first crypto assets. If you want to understand the technology in detail before investing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this literature.

In the book you will also find:

– Answers to the questions why and how certain decentralized systems are arranged
– The material is disclosed at the intersection of the principles of work, the benefits and risks of using new technologies
– The principles of work are explained by examples with immersion in the required minimum of technical details
– The technical text of the manual is accompanied by a large number of illustrations, diagrams and diagrams, as well as rich examples from real practice
– For the convenience of the reader, a glossary of key terms has been compiled

Pavlo Kravchenko
Founder of Distributed Lab. Research interests: blockchain and decentralized technologies. Areas of expertise: cryptography, public key infrastructures, asset tokenization, security models, and decentralized systems architecture. Ph.D. in information security, author of 15 scientific papers, 5 of which are devoted to blockchain technology and decentralized systems. In 2014 Pavel started his work on creating decentralized accounting systems as a cryptographer at the Stellar project.

Bohdan Skriabin

Leading specialist in cryptography and decentralized systems at Distributed Lab. Research interests: protocols of decentralized accounting systems, software wallet architectures, cryptographic schemes, and privacy in digital currencies. Since 2014 Bohdan has been involved in the industry of decentralized technologies and blockchain. Defended his Master’s thesis on “Analysis of vulnerabilities of decentralized payment systems”. Taught 9 academic and elective courses in the universities of technical profile.

Oksana Dubinina

Professor at the Department of Computer Mathematics & Data Analysis, Faculty of Computer Science and Software Engineering at National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. Area of scientific interests: mathematical apparatus technique in software engineering, mathematical modeling. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences in the field of vocational education (IT industry). Author of 75 scientific and educational publications.

Alexander Kurbatov

Blockchain researcher Distributed Lab. Currently receives his Master’s degree in cybersecurity. Oleksandr has defended his Bachelor’s thesis on post-quantum digital signature algorithms. Research interests: evoting platforms, key management, and techniques for ensuring privacy in accounting systems. Author of publications on anonymous decentralized e-voting and decentralized public key infrastructure. One of the speakers in the online course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well as one of the organizers of the decentralized technologies fan club.






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