LWallet.com.ua contractual warranty obligations

1. The Seller guarantees that the purchased item is operational and free of any identified mechanical or other damage at the time of sale. The completeness of the products must be checked upon purchase.

2. The warranty for the products sold, subject to the terms of the warranty, implies a free repair of the product during the warranty period specified in our warranty card, or its replacement with a similar device in case of impossibility of repair.

3. The warranty is valid only if there are correctly and clearly completed documents confirming the purchase (sales receipt), and this Contractual warranty obligation signed by the Buyer, or the manufacturer’s branded warranty card with filled fields and signed by the buyer.

4. Before commissioning the equipment, the buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with the Rules for its use and warranty service contained in the instructions attached to the equipment and make sure that there are no external damages.

5. The seller does not provide warranty service for the delivered products in the following cases:

  • loss of the warranty card (if the product is equipped with it, except for products in the OEM supply), the presence of records or corrections in it that were not made by the Seller;
  • mismatch of serial numbers of components with those specified in the warranty card (if the product is equipped with it, except for products in the OEM supply);
  • damage or absence of the Seller’s warranty stickers on the product or components;
  • the presence of mechanical damage (bruising, chips, deep scratches, cracks, impact marks, bending or fracture of contact legs, fastening points, etc.), as well as with erased product markings, illegible serial numbers;
  • presence of signs of repair by unauthorized persons (opening blocks, traces of soldering, traces of mechanical damage on screws, violation of warranty seals, replacement of parts, etc.);
  • the presence of damage resulting from accidents, exposure to fire, moisture, aggressive chemicals, as well as as a result of the actions of third parties or force majeure;
  • with signs of burning or smoking of the product (burnout of conductive elements, microcircuits, boards, cases, etc.);
  • the presence of damage caused by the ingress of foreign objects, insects, etc. into the product;
  • malfunctions resulting from the use of non-original consumables;
  • failure of the product due to the fault of the Buyer (when the product is not used for its intended purpose, commercial operation of a household product, improper installation and connection, violation of the rules of operation, storage and transportation set forth in the user manual);
  • if the product is incompletely packaged, the attached documentation, drivers, connecting cables, fasteners and original packaging are missing, or with a damaged package;
  • work of the product with unlicensed, uncertified or infected with a computer virus software products;
  • non-compliance with the State standards of the parameters of power supply, telecommunications and cable networks and other external factors (climatic and other);
  • incorrect work with the software and hardware of the product (reprogramming Flash – Bios, etc.);
  • as well as in other cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine.


6. If necessary, the Seller has the right to send the equipment for an independent examination for up to 14 working days, excluding transportation time, to the Manufacturer’s Service Center before replacing it to obtain an opinion on the causes of the malfunction.

7. Replacement of the product is made only if it cannot function properly and perform its main function. The term for replacing the device can be up to 14 working days, excluding transportation time. In the event that such a product is not available, the Seller returns the entire amount for which the product was purchased to the Buyer.

8. Exchange and return of goods within the first 14 days from the date of purchase is carried out if:

  • the product is new, has not been used and has no signs of use: scratches, scuffs, etc.;
  • preserved: complete set, labels, integrity and all packaging components, factory markings.
  • No products in the cart.