Trezor Safe 3 Stellar Silver

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Ease and simplicity in protecting and managing assets. Trezor Safe 3 replaces Trezor One and has a new EAL6+ chip with open architecture.

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Trezor Safe 3 Stellar Silver is your digital fortress. The affordable and convenient new generation hardware wallet has received an updated Secure Element (EAL6+) security chip and the ability to set a device-entry passphrase These two innovations make the device inaccessible to hackers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The device has a new futuristic design, and the source code is open and available for study at any time.

The device supports backup of 12-24 words and more advanced standard – Shamir backup, with the ability to divide your recovery phrase into several separate parts.

Meet the new generation of hardware wallet – the future of crypto security awaits with Trezor Safe 3!


Securely manage your crypto
Digital asset management your way-send, receive, trade & track

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Verify every transaction
Direct on-device confirmation transaction security


Direct on-device confirmation transaction security
Passphrase & Secure Element turns your wallet into a vault
your wallet into a vault


Benefit from open-source
Transparent wallet design makes Trezor better and safer


Safeguard with wallet backup
Peace of mind-easily regain access to your digital assets


Trust your wallet from day one
Security seals on your Trezor packaging and device

The list of coins is constantly updated.
We recommend that you go to the official website of the manufacturer and check the support of your coin.
If your coin is not listed, don’t worry, it may still be available. It is impossible to place all coins on the list because their number increases every day. You can write to our managers and they will help you figure it out.


Currency can be stored on the exchange or in a computer application. All these methods are extremely risky, since accounts on exchanges are often hacked, and funds are stolen. At the moment, there is one most secure way to store currencies – a hardware device that cannot be hacked. With a hardware device, you don’t have to worry about asset security.

The Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet is equipped with a Secure Element (EAL6+) chip that provides top-notch protection for your digital assets. In turn, Trezor One is a proven classic, the device has been on the market for more than 10 years.

It’s easy to move your crypto stash from exchange to your Trezor First, connect your Trezor device, pop open Trezor Suite, and punch in your PIN. Next, pick your receive account and copy the wallet address. Now, jump over to exchange, pick the cryptocurrency, paste in the address, and seal the deal with a confirmation.

Keeping coins online is like playing with fire. Online exchanges are big targets for hackers. They’re magnets for security breaches and can spill the beans on your sensitive data. Well, the Trezor Safe 3 is like the trusted guardian angel of your crypto, placing access in an offline.

Yes, we are the official reseller of Trezor in Ukraine. You can check it on the manufacturer’s website is an online store that specializes in the sale of cryptocurrency devices.
Our store has the widest range of devices in the country. We deliver to any city of Ukraine. We not only sell devices, but we also help customize them and give advice. We provide a guarantee for all products, as we are confident in our product.

We give a manufacturer’s warranty and change any faulty device within a year.

Of course, we will help you set up the device if you have any difficulties. You can call our hotline or write a chat on our website.

We deliver to any city of Ukraine. When you check out the order, you will be able to choose the nearest point of issue to you.

Yes, you can pay the courier or at the point of issue when you receive it. You can also pay by transferring money to our bank account.

Yes, we only sell original products purchased directly from the manufacturer.

You can buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, but in this case, you will have to wait until the goods will be delivered to Ukraine. It can take from one week to a month. We usually ship the goods on the day of order. Also, if the device breaks down, you will have to return the device to the manufacturer yourself, which may take additional time. Go to the manufacturer’s website





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