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Powerful, pocket-sized. The Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool for geeks, pentesters and hardware enthusiasts alike.

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The Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool for pentesters, geeks, hardware hobbyists alike One pocket-sized device combines multiple tools: RFID, RF, Infrared, HID emulation, GPIO, Hardware debugging, 1-Wire, Bluetooth, Wifi and more.

Inspired by great open-source projects: Proxmark, HydraNFC, Rubber Ducky, pwnagotchi. Flipper Zero manages to pack serious functionality into a tiny, professionally manufactured device – and stays true to its Open Source roots

Entirely independent, the Flipper Zero requires no external computer or hardware to function – everything is driven by the its 5-way navigation button and LCD screen. When connected to a computer or the included Android / iOS apps, the Flipper can be extended, modified, upgraded and reflashed according to your needs.

With over two years of meticulous design, prototyping and iteration, the Flipper Zero is a mature platform, ready to use out of the box, meeting the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

RF Transceiver

The Flipper Zero contains a fully-controllable RF platform, based on the TI CC1101 chip, allowing for RF Signal capture, analysis and transmission.

The Flipper Zero has a built-in library of common remote control algorithms for capturing, decoding and analysing and replaying signals.

Users have full access to the radio sub-system, allowing custom RF modules to be easily built.

RFID Reader/Writer/Emulator

The Flipper Zero allows for Reading, Writing and Emulation of both High-Frequency (13.56MHz) and Low-Frequency (125KHz) RFID tags.

Low Frequency tags can be easily read, saved, cloned to a new card, or exported for analysis.

Multiple High Frequency protocols are supported, and the Flipper Zero can even sniff authentification nonces to extract unknown MIFARE keys.

Infrared Transceiver

The Flipper Zero has a powerful, fully programmable IR transceiver for IR signal capture and replay.

Out of the box, it includes a fully featured signal library for hundreds of IR-controlled devices: TVs, Stereos, Air-Con, etc.

GPIO Pinouts

The GPIO Pinouts & Breakout boards allow for controlling electronics directly via the Flipper.

The Flipper can also be used as a USB to SPI/UART/I2C bridge for debugging, flashing and fuzzing.

HID Emulation

The Flipper Zero emulate HID devices (Keyboard, Ethernet, etc) over USB, allowing it to perform BadUSB / RubberDucky attacks.

Users can easily upload and deploy scripts directly from the device for task automation, pentesting and more.

U2F Security Token

The Flipper Zero is a fully-functional U2F Key, compatible with any U2F-enabled service: Google, Twitter, LastPass, etc.

Much stronger than traditional 2FA (SMS, Email), U2F ensures that your accounts are safe and secured by the Flipper Zero.

Open Source

The Flipper Zero is 100% Open-Source & Open-Hardware. Firmware source, schematics, cross-platform SDKs and Desktop & Mobile tools available.

All hardware and firmware components of the device are available, allowing for complete customisation – from quick Arduino plugins to pluggable hardware modules.


The Flipper has built-in 1-wire contact points to read / write and emulate “iButton” tags (TouchMemory / Dallas Keys).

Keys can be saved, exported, written to new tags or directly emulated. The contact points act as a read and a proble simultaneously for intercepting 1-Wire data.

Expandable Storage

Every Flipper Zero has a microSD card slot, enabling up to 64GB of storage space for your RFID Tags, Remotes, Captured Signals, Plugins, Modules, etc.

Flipper uses the microSD card’s SPI-interface, so it’s important to only use on-brand, legitimate cards.

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Wireless Functionality

The Flipper has inbuilt Bluetooth, allowing for direct communication with mobile apps, and supports Wifi via the Wifi-Development module. (can be purchased separately)

As an extra bonus, multiple Flippers can communicate with each other over 433MHz, allowing your to find and chat with Flipper-equipped friends.

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1x Flipper Zero

1x USB Type-C cable

1x User guide

This product does not violate any of the laws of Ukraine
– by radio frequencies
– is not a dual-use product
– is not a СТЗ




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